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Valuation Types


Insurance Replacement – A valuation for the purpose of insurance cover.

The values are based on what it would cost to replace the lost item with a similar item in a specified market.


Probate - A valuation required by the executor of an estate.

A probate valuation is used to calculate the Death Duties or Inheritance Tax to obtain Probate of the will. The values are based on the open market at the date of death.


Division of Assets

A valuation required for the purpose of division of assets. It is commonly required in a divorce or separation situation and it can be used when bequeathing jewellery to family and other beneficiaries when writing a will. The values are based on the current open market.


Sale by Private Treaty

A valuation which is normally required when an item is to be sold between two parties. When someone wants to sell an item of jewellery to another person privately. This value normally represents an open market value unless otherwise instructed

Trade Services


In store Valuation days

A brilliant opportunity for clients to have their Jewellery assessed and valued on a one to one basis.

Auction valuation days

Specialist Jewellery valuation days to provide pre-sale estimates for auction.


Valuation Assessment.

Specialist valuation work available for shops, auction houses, pawnbrokers, legal professionals, insurance companies, antique dealers and jewellery related TV shows.


Referral valuation work for shops, auction houses, legal professionals and insurance companies.

Carried out on site or arranged as a home visit


All trade enquires are welcome.

Please make contact if you require any further information.

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